Client Feedback

"Throughout a long and complex process of due diligence and negotiations, CORFINA Global Advisors demonstrated uncanny ability to translate the business style of U.S. investors to the senior management of our Latin American company...—and vice versa — as well as to achieve a remarkable comfort level among the several parties involved..."

Founding Shareholder and Chairman ('sell side', divestment transaction)

"Deftly, discreetly, and diplomatically, CORFINA 'brought to the table' an international source of term finance which, left to our own resources, our company could not have identified nor cultivated ..."

Managing Director and C.F.O. (non-recourse medium term loan borrower)

BAF IFC Tombstone


Financial Engineering Expertise

Discrete, Cost-Effective Execution

Strong Relationships in Industrialized Economies and in Emerging Markets

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